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June, 2004

Like you might expect, BAVSOUND started with a BMW (and a garage). A 1998 M3 Coupe, Titanium Silver, to be exact.

We didn’t have any grand schemes. We didn’t even know what we were creating. We were just three guys that had known each other our whole lives and wanted to create something, well, cool.

At the time, BAVSOUND didn’t exist. There was no shop, no bay, no distribution center or website or phone number.

There were just the three of us in a Circuit City car audio bay in Atlanta, Georgia at 3:00 in the morning. We were choking on the smell of resin as the very first BMW subwoofer enclosure we’d just made cured, but we didn’t mind; something really exciting was happening. It was late June, 2004.

And even though we didn’t know it, what we created that night wasn’t really a subwoofer system. It was the idea that still drives everything that we do today: Car audio should be easy.

A lot’s changed since that first night in 2004, but we’re still doing what we’ve always done and what we love: making incredible products that make upgrading your BMW’s audio system easy, and dare we say, fun.

Micah, Jason, and Coby

  • Micah Cranman
    Co-Founder, President

  • Jason Seaver
    Co-Founder, Engineering

  • Coby Cranman
    Co-Founder, Operations

  • Jeremy Whittle
    Customer Care, Operations

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