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The BMW F30/32 3/4 Series - The Best Yet.

Sure, we all have our favorites. After all, the 3 Series has consistently been rated one of the top automobiles in the world for the past 20-something years. Some of you harken back to the E21 3 Series, while many of us Generation X'ers look to the E30 as the first BMW we fell in love with. The lust we felt when the E36 M3 came to be is something most of us will never forget, and the arrival of the E46 M3 brought with it a car that many of us felt was the pinnacle of automotive engineering at the time. Audio systems were simply afterthoughts in every one of these cars, and that's how Bavsound came to be in 2004... The arrival of the E9x chassis brought with it a new level of refinement in the 3 Series. Improved comfort, luxury, and some might say performance with the venerable V8 being added as the engine of choice for the M3. How could the 3 Series get any better than this? Well, I think we can look to your F3x chassis 3/4 Series for the answer to that question. Aesthetically, it's simply the cleanest, most refined 3 Series we've yet to see. The fender vents on the 4 Series are bold and functional. The high body lines give the cars a bold and assertive stance without being overly flashy. In short, there's no question that the F chassis 3/4 Series has arrived in style. Ah, the interior, where I find myself at right at home. Sure, the car looks amazing, but for those of us that find our true love in the listening environment of our homes and cars, the cabin is simply bliss. Supple leather wrapped around supportive seats that beckon a long canyon drive - the perfect shape of the steering wheel - the familiar smells of the leather and aluminum let us know we're right where we belong. Every button is perfectly positioned, every angle of the dashboard meticulously considered. And the sound system, what a... wait a minute? How on earth did this happen? How is such an otherwise almost-perfect vehicle equipped with such a lackluster audio experience? Well, that's going to have a remain a mystery. In the meantime, it allows us to get on with the business of fixing the issue. Fortunately, we've spent the better part of two years fine-tuning our Stage 1 Speaker Upgrade for your BMW, and the transformation which occurs by simply upgrading your speakers is nothing short of magical. I could wax poetic about the brilliant transparency of our 100mm midranges, or the endless sea of  balanced detail revealed by our 25mm silk domed tweeters - alas, your ears will be the final judge. With our 60 day money-back satisfaction guarantee (including up to $200 of installation costs should you have a professional install your Stage 1) and a BMW-matching 4 year warranty, you have nothing to lose other than another day of mediocre sound in your new BMW. Visit us at bavsound.com for more information and to place your order anytime. The Road is Waiting. What's your Soundtrack?



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