Get amazing sound with our brilliantly simple speaker upgrade.
In just minutes.

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Pop the spekaer off icon

Pop the speaker covers and/or door panels off

Plug new speakers icon

Just plug your new midranges and tweeters in

Enjoy icon

Enjoy crystal clear sound

It's that simple.
Watch the installation video to see how easy it really is

Watch the video icon Watch the video (Your install may vary)

100 day in-car trial, free returns

Install, audition, and fully experience your new audio gear -- if you don't love it, we'll cover return shipping and give you a full refund (U.S. Customers only).

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Get crystal clear sound just by replacing your MINI Cooper's speakers

We took your factory Mini Cooper speakers and re-engineered and improved every aspect of their design for one thing: great sound.

So you can simply swap your original speakers for ours -- which include either integrated point source or separate tweeters -- without changing anything else in your audio system, and the results are astounding.

Includes everything icon

Includes absolutely everything you need (except tools). Simply buy, install, and enjoy

Replaces your most important speakers in your Mini (door speakers), and includes absolutely everything you need except basic tools (which you won't need if you have one of our authorized dealers complete the installation).

You get great sound with just a simple speaker upgrade because it was designed from the ground up.

So there's no need to buy anything else (such as amps, wiring, or a new head unit).

Music louder icon

Play your music louder and enjoy every note

The speakers in our Speaker Upgrade produce higher quality sound and a MUCH wider range and more balanced reproduction of the midrange and treble you're currently missing.

That's because, unlike your factory Mini Cooper speakers, we actually INCLUDE tweeters use proven audio technology: woven fiberglass cones, butyl rubber surrounds, and integrated silk composite tweeters.

These technologies, working together, result in speakers that remain distortion free at higher volumes for accurate, natural, beautiful sound at volumes much louder than your factory speakers.

Install it yourself icon

Easily install it yourself in just 5 minutes or visit a Bavsound Dealer

Your Mini Cooper Speaker Upgrade is the easiest upgrade you've ever done on your Mini Cooper. It takes, literally, just minutes to install.

Watch the video icon
Watch the video to see just how easy installation really is (Note: Your install may vary)

A few minutes and basic tools is all you'll need.

But if you're not a do-it-yourselfer, just leave it to the pros and have one of our Authorized Bavsound Dealers install your Mini Cooper Speaker Upgrade for you.

Warranty icon

4 year warranty. Our products are bulletproof. So is our warranty.

Everything we sell has been engineered for durability and longevity, and we know what we sell will last. And last. And last. That’s why our speaker upgrades are backed with our industry leading 4 year limited warranty. So if something breaks, send it back. We’ll replace it at no charge. .



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Varies by application, click "Choose my car" to see more information

Speaker specs



Tweeter diameter

13mm / 25mm

Tweeter type

Integrated Point-Souce Coaxial / 25mm Separate

Midrange Cone Material


Tweeter Cone Material



2.2 Ohm / 3 Ohm

Resonance Frequency


Frequency response

89Hz - 20 kHz


85 dB (at 1 meter with 1W inut)

Power handling

15W RMS - 25W Max / 40W RMS - 60W Max

Magnet Type


Voice coil diameter


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