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It has the power to transform our moods and our feelings, to create emotional experience, or to take us to places we remember with fondness and joy. And it can remind us, or, sometimes, even show us, what really matters.

Fundamentally, music is about losing ourselves to the present moment, turning off the never-ending stream of thoughts and fears and worries in our minds, and simply riding a wave of pure, unbridled bliss. Music is about letting go, letting the artist be responsible for how we feel instead of carrying the burden ourselves.

But that’s hard to do. After all, we're busy. We work hard, we have kids, we have stress, we're overloaded. And, now more than ever, that’s why car audio is so important.

Because sometimes when life overwhelms us, the best remedy is firing up the BMW, rolling down the windows, cranking our tunes, and burying our right foot on a twisty mountain road — phone calls, emails, and the whole rest of the world be damned.

Because right now, we’re driving.

And when our BMWs and our commutes are some of the last places we have to ourselves, some the last places in our daily lives that are really ours, they also become some of the only places we can experience music — and the joy and release it brings.

But most BMWs don’t sound that great.

And what’s worse is that almost no one knows how to work on BMW audio systems, much less make them sound great. But is it really worth risking the integrity of your BMW (or your warranty) just for great sound? We don’t think so. The good news is that you don’t have to. With BAVSOUND, great sound finally is simple.

That’s because we’re the only company in the world that’s focused entirely on the world’s easiest, most effective audio upgrades and technology for your BMW.

With a combined 70 plus years of car audio industry and BMW specific experience and knowledge, we’re able to make products that other companies can’t — products that make amazing sound in your BMW simpler and easier than you ever thought possible.

We’re here so you don't have think about your BMW’s audio system anymore. Now, with BAVSOUND, you just have to enjoy it. We’ll take care of the rest.


Ear Community is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers a warm and supportive community for individuals who were born with Microtia(missing or underdeveloped ears) and Atresia (absent or underdeveloped ear canals resulting in hearing loss). Our organization also helps individuals who have Craniofacial Microsomia and Goldenhar Syndrome.

Ear Community is a parent-driven organization that helps the Microtia & Atresia community be informed of all options. Still today, many families often seek multiple medical opinions trying to find the answers they are looking for regarding Microtia & Atresia. Ear Community is a leading helpful resource when it comes to Microtia & Atresia. Families can learn about surgical & non-surgical options, hearing devices, life stories, research & much more. Ear Community has championed genetic research by collaborating on grants with Harvard, Vanderbilt, the Gabriella Kids First Foundation, the MIT Broad Institute & Children’s Hospital Seattle. Ear Community has also introduced federal legislation known as Ally’s Act, ensuring that private insurers cover bone-anchored hearing systems & cochlear implants including upgrades, surgery, accessories, pre & post-operative care appointments & aural therapy.

Since 2010, Ear Community has brought over 15,000 people together throughout the world at our events & has helped educate hundreds of thousands of people through our website. Ear Community has donated over 150 bone anchored hearing devices to needy children & adults as well as awarded college scholarships.

Bavsound will donate a portion of our profits every month to Ear Community.




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