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BSW Customer Install Gallery

Halston had a great idea, and I wanted to let you all know about something we'll be bringing to light here in the near future... We get calls and emails every day from customers letting us know how happy they are with their BSW upgrades, and they want to know if we either want photos or an install write-up of sorts for our website. Well, now we can say "Yes, we do!". We know you love your BMW, and with your new equipment installed and rocking out, you now love BSW too! So, what better way to reflect upon your enthusiasm for the two brands than to have a section on our website (and blog) to show off your BMW and it's BSW system! This is still early in the works, but the "smart people" behind our site have told me that this feature won't be too difficult to implement into the works. So, in the meantime, send in your photos or any other information you'd like to see on our site as it relates to your BSW experience. Please understand that not every photo or story will make it up, as I'm sure we're going to be overwhelmed with responses initially. But, if your pictures tell enough of a story or your experience with BSW is one you'd like to share, I'd suggest getting the ball rolling in your end of the court as soon as possible!



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