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NOW SHIPPING: The BSW Stage 1 Audio Upgrade for BMW 1 Series 08+ (E82/E88) Coupe/Convertible

BMW 1 Series, Courtesy of Mark Bowman, flickr.com
Like our 3 Series announcement 2 weeks ago, we now have IN STOCK a limited number of BMW 1 Series Stage 1 kits. With over 3 years of development time fine-tuning every miniscule detail, results of these speaker upgrade packages are nothing short of spectacular. Here's what one of our customers had to say about the upgrade:
Got my car back from the drop off date after 2 days. Quick and Easy.
When I got my car back, I didn't notice a difference in looks, but as soon as I put on some music and raised the volume, the difference was amazing.
First thing i noticed was you could clearly hear the singer without any distortion. There is an incredible difference between the stock speakers and the BSW HiFi/Professional Audio system. The speakers give the music rich, warm tone and make it sound incredibly lifelike.
I remember when i had the stock speakers, I would always have to turn the volume down about 4 notches from full, because i hated all the static noise in the background,and I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. Now with these new speakers I can listen to whatever sound I want at full volume and I'm very impressed and very happy with the sound quality. I promise you that you will be amazed by these speakers.
Don't forget this speaker upgrade is good for both E82's and E88'sThe stage 1 system replaces the front door and rear deck tweeters (4) and the front door and rear deck midranges (4)
The speaker system works beautifully off the stock amplifier...

Read the full review here. (Full disclosure: This customer received a kit at no cost in exchange for access to and use of his vehicle which we needed for development reasons. He was not expecting to receive the kit, only a future amp upgrade, but we surprised him with it. When he was extremely impressed with the upgrade, we requested he post a review of the product). What is the Stage 1? Designed as a 100% complete, plug and play BMW speaker upgrade kit, our Stage 1 Audio Updgrade provides a simple, easy way to replace your speakers and dramatically improve sound quality without having to change any other components in your BMW -- because our Stage 1 Audio Upgrade is engineered specifically for your exact BMW. Want to learn more or order?

E82 Coupe Speakers.

What makes it unique? The traditional approach to an audio upgrade in BMWs is take off-the-shelf speakers and amplifiers and modify the the car so they fit. And 20 years ago, that worked just fine when most cars used speakers and wiring configurations that were basically off the shelf. But in today’s BMWs with advanced electronics and proprietary speaker and audio system designs, unless you’ve got years and years of audio experience and have the right information, it’s incredibly difficult to make off-the-shelf parts fit correctly and sound good because you can’t take the old approach of gutting the entire system -- you have to perfectly match speaker size and shape, connectors, and specifications like speaker impedance and sensitivity. But the parts just don’t exist -- so you end up hacking up your BMW. And even if you’re well prepared and know what you’re doing, if you’re able to pull it off, it’s going to take a lot of time to make the parts fit and tune the system properly. Very, very few BMW owners have the time or expertise to design and execute this type of upgrade, which means you’re stuck paying a pro and spending an arm and a leg, and you can’t even be sure of the resulting performance. It’s Russian Roulette. Not only that, but you’ve just permanently modified your beautiful $60,000 BMW. And if you’re in a lease, that’s just not an option. Even if you’re not leasing the car, we think your BMW is just perfect the way it is -- who wants to cut up such a beautiful machine to fit components that weren’t made for the car? So we looked at all these problems BMW owners face if they’re unhappy with sound quality and want an upgrade, and we asked how we could achieve great sound without permanently modifying the car, changing its appearance, or cutting a single wire. How could we achieve extraordinary sound quality in a package that anyone can afford and that’s so easy to install anyone can do it? And the answer was something that didn’t exist at the time: a kit to replace every speaker in the car using speakers made from sonically ideal, virtually indestructible materials, optimized acoustically for that EXACT model, designed to fit just like the originals, and matched to the factory electronics so the change would invisible to everyone but the listener. In other words, the answer was creating the speakers BMW *SHOULD* have made from the start. So that’s exactly what we did. And the result is the Stage 1 Audio Upgrade, a speaker upgrade system that replaces every speaker in your car, dramatically improving overall sound quality, without changing the amplifier, head unit, or any other electrical component in your BMW. More questions? Contact us!




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