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BSW Subwoofers Are Now Ghost Subwoofer Systems from BAVSOUND

E46 D110 Cpe New Amp2_UPDATE3 New name, same incredible subwoofer systems As of today, BSW has become BAVSOUND.  We’re still the same company, the same people, and we still make the same incredible products. Along with the change in our company name, BSW subwoofer systems are now BAVSOUND Ghost Subwoofer Systems, and, although they have a new name, Ghost Subwoofers are still the same great product we’ve been designing and building for the last 9 years. Why a subwoofer system in your BMW is so important One of the key components in creating a great audio experience on the road is having a dedicated, high quality subwoofer.  The Ghost BMW subwoofer system line from BAVSOUND provides unmatched low-frequency performance while seamlessly integrating into your BMW. Frequencies below 80 Hz represent one-third of any recorded music, and in order to effectively reproduce those frequencies a subwoofer is an absolute must. However, the factory speakers are simply not designed to produce these low frequencies accurately and without severe distortion. Low frequency reproduction requires a speaker that can move a substantial amount of air while still maintaining enough structural stability to avoid introducing distortion into the music at moderate to high volumes.  The factory speakers simply cannot accomplish this task. How BAVSOUND Ghost Subwoofer Systems achieve incredible performance BAVSOUND’s Ghost series of subwoofers use intelligent design to produce exceptional low end sound with no compromises to the performance or interior of your car.  In most applications the systems include include a 10-inch rigid aluminum cone to virtually eliminate all distortion, which is then matched with a dedicated amplifier for the best possible performance. These design elements combine to produce clear, accurate bass sound. Performance without sacrifice The benefits of Ghost BMW subwoofers also don't require sacrifices to the performance of your BMW.  The subwoofer units are designed to blend into your BMWs trunk space. Once installed, the subwoofer systems are completely integrated; only the beautiful low-end rumble they produce gives them away. The subwoofer enclosure’s sleek design and impeccable finish fit the aesthetic of your BMW perfectly.  Ghost subwoofer systems are also designed to be lightweight – each weighs slightly more than 25 pounds – so having great bass won't weigh down your BMW or affect its driving performance. Everything you need The Ghost subwoofer system comes with everything you need for installation, including the appropriate installation hardware and wiring.  Clear step-by-step installation instructions with photos are included, and you’ll only need basic tools to complete the installation procedure.  The performance of all BAVSOUND's audio products is guaranteed.  You can audition our subwoofer systems in your car for up to 30 days, and if you’re not delighted, simply send the system back to us for a full refund. Your BMW deserves to have a high-quality audio system that rivals its driving performance.  BAVSOUND Ghost BMW Subwoofer Systems deliver that performance. The Road is Waiting. What’s Your Soundtrack?



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