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Preparing for Bimmerfest 2010 - Cars Needed

With Bimmerfest a little closer to home this year, we've opted to set up a booth featuring some of our hottest new products. We'll have all kinds of stuff on display, but the highlight of the show is going to be the actual cars that we're going to showcase. And one of them could be yours... We're going to have 2 cars on display. One will have its stock audio system still in place. The other will have our Stage 1 Speaker Upgrade and Subwoofer System installed. That's it. A simple side-by-side comparison for everyone that has ever wanted to hear BSW equipment and experience the radical transformation it can make in their BMW. Here's what we're looking for: - Stock Audio System in both vehicles, be it Standard or Logic 7. The deal is both cars that we use will have to have the same audio systems, as we're going to do a comparison between our upgrades and the stock offerings. - Clean car. No crazy external modifications. In other words, a largely "stock" car. Here's what you get: - $1600 - $1800 worth of BSW gear and installation for $800. I will personally install the equipment, ensuring a seamless, professional installation. Obviously one car will not get the equipment until after the show, so whoever I hear from first will be the car that gets the equipment first and will be the feature BMW in our booth. Bimmerfest is the weekend of May 22nd, 2010. Check your calendars, and I'll look forward to hearing from you all soon...



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