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The All-New Ghost Underseat Subwoofer Upgrade, Now Available for Pre-Order

Over these past several years, thousands of you have e-mailed us saying, "I want to replace the subwoofers found under the front seats of my BMW." Now, the wait is nearly over, and you can have the ultimate upgrade for bass response in your BMW with Bavsound's all new upgrade.

The All-New Ghost Underseat Subwoofer Upgrade is the simplest, best solution for astoundingly good bass response in your BMW. 

Simply replace your factory underseat subwoofers with our all-new, direct-fit, 100% plug & play underseat woofer upgrade pair in under an hour -- and dramatically increase the total bass output in your BMW while also enhancing bass accuracy, tightness, and punch.  Plus, you'll also get snappier, sweeter midbass response.  

Installation is completely do-it-yourself, even for a total novice, and you don't need any other expensive or complex equipment, wiring, or hardware. (Don't want to do it yourself? Purchase through one of our Authorized Dealers and they can handle installation for you.)

All together, that means one thing: your music is going to sound, in a word, amazing.  

We have a relatively small initial production run (1000 pairs), many of which (about 700 pair) have already be "pre sold" to our previous customers and newsletter subscribers, so the remaining quantities are truly limited.  If you want or have been waiting for this upgrade, we suggest you pre-order to ensure you absolutely get a pair.

Here are the details of this exclusive pre-order:

  • Estimated Ship Date of November 30th, just in time for the holidays.  We know some of you have been eagerly awaiting this product launch for a minute now. It took us longer than expected to create woofers that sound THIS GOOD.
  • While we are beginning production on these magnificent devices for Nov 30th shipment, please understand that manufacturing delays can happen. We are fully expecting an on-time launch, but just know you can cancel your pre-order at any time for a full refund, no questions asked!
  • Backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee / 4 Year Warranty — if you don’t absolutely love the woofers when they’re installed, send them back for a full refund within 30 days of the date you receive them, no questions asked.

Ready to Order?  Here’s what to do:

  1. Head to this pre-order page on our site.
  2. Enter your vehicle details (be sure to confirm with the compatibility list below BEFORE ordering), then click "Add to cart."
  3. Check out normally — your discount is included in the price shown on the site.

What happens after I order?

Your new underseat subwoofers are currently being produced, so all you have to do is hang tight and we’ll notify you when your purchase has shipped!  If you have any questions before then, just e-mail us at support@bavsound.com and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Is my BMW compatible?

If you have a 2007 or later model year BMW (except E64 6 Series convertible vehicles), yes, your BMW is compatible, regardless of series or audio system types (we have a version for all vehicles after 2007). If you have a 2002 or earlier model year BMW, your BMW is NOT compatible.  These underseat woofers didn't exist in any BMW before 2002. If you have a 2002-2007 model year BMW, ONLY the following vehicles are compatible:
  • 2006+ E90/E91 3 Series Sedan/Wagon
  • 2007+ E92/E93 3 Series Convertible
  • 2004+ E60 5 Series
  • 2002+ E65 7 Series
  • 2004+ E83 X3
If you have questions about compatibility, simply reply to this e-mail and we'll get right back to you.

Ready to order?  Click here to place your pre-order.

Want to know more about this incredible new upgrade?  

Here are its key features:

  • Jaw-dropping bass response -- Dramatically increases the amount and quality of bass so every aspect of your listening experience is enhanced.Not only do you get more bass, but you also get more impact and tighter, more controlled bass response, so your music can truly come to life. We've achieved this through three key technologies: lightweight poly cone, oversized 40mm neodymium magnet, and a massive 50mm voice coil.
  • 100% Plug & Play -- installs and fits just like your factory BMW woofers, right down to the bolts and factory style plug.
  • Simple, Do-It-Yourself Installation -- takes less than 1 hour and only basic tools, even for a total novice.  No complex wiring or additional hardware or installation is required.  Simply unbolt your front seats, remove the woofer covers, unbolt your factory woofers, and install ours.  That's it!But if you don't want to do it yourself, one of our Authorized Dealers can perform the installation for you (however, you'll need to purchase the Ghost Underseat Subwoofer Upgrade directly through them at the time of their full release).
  • Super Tight, Punchy Midbass -- your factory underseat woofers aren't just subwoofers; they're midbass drivers.  That means they play not just the lowest frequencies, but also "punchy" midbass frequencies like snare drums and high bass guitar notes.Unlike our woofers, which are designed to outperform the factory woofers for both subwoofer and midbass frequencies, other underseat subwoofer upgrades on the market are only capable of playing sub frequencies, not midbass, so you miss a huge portion of the frequency range.
  • Perfectly matched to our legendary Stage One Speaker Upgrade Kit -- Amazing bass response can transform  your listening experience, but if you want the absolute best, overall sound quality and clarity matters too.That's why we engineered the Ghost Underseat Subwoofer Upgrade to perfectly and seamless match our legendary Stage One Speaker Upgrade Kit.
  • Factory matched impedance -- Depending on your audio system, your factory BMW woofers come in 2, 4, or 8 Ohm impedance.  Our woofers are matched to the impedance of your factory woofers (we have different versions for each) to maximize performance and ensure the longevity of your factory amplifier.
  • Extremely efficient design & power utilization -- We utilize your factory amplifier to generate amazing bass response in your BMW.  To do so, we've designed our woofers using technologies like oversized neodymium magnets and lightweight poly cone to maximize every watt of power they generate and translate that into raw output.That means amazing bass response without replacing your amplifier.
  • Upgradable design with 100W RMS / 200W Peak Power Handling Per Woofer -- Even though our woofers are designed to be extremely efficient to maximize the output of your factory amplifier, they're also built for upgradability, you can power them with an aftermarket amplifier of your choice up to 100W per channel.Translation?  If you'd like to melt your face off with even more absurd quantities of bass, you can -- just add an amp.

Ready to order?  Click here to place your pre-order.

Still have questions? No problem.

We’re here and ready to answer any questions you have: sales@bavsound.com or 404-381-1800.




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