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With new midbass arrival, we are now exclusively using BSW loudspeakers

We've been working with various companies over the years, and as we've grown, so has the importance of providing our customers with products that we feel best fit their needs. With the arrival of our new 130mm drivers, we are no longer using any speakers that we ourselves have not designed specifically for your BMW. We have modified speakers for various applications for years, and with much success.

However, we were dependent on someone else to provide us with these products. Modifying existing speakers is all well and good, but we couldn't really "personalize" them exactly as we wanted. Think of it like this: An M3 is a pretty sweet car.

You can't really go wrong with it, at least in my humble opinion. But, there are several options out there that let you tailor the car to your exact specifications. Now, picture a supercharged M3. In either case, you're smiling ear-to-ear whenever you look at the car, but with the supercharged M3 there may be a little extra drool running out of the side of your mouth.

That's how you can think of our new drivers. Our older drivers were, and are, pretty amazing. The new speakers, are well, new. We've gone so far as to design two different varieties of the 130mm drivers, specific to each application found in the different model BMWs. Both models use our proven curvilinear fiberglass composite woven cone. Both models carry our industry leading 4 year warranty. Both models use santoprene surrounds, resistant to temperature and moisture. We've used oversized voicecoils to keep the drivers cool, which helps minimize distortion. The difference between the two lies in the spider, or the component of the speaker that is responsible for the linear travel of the cone and how quickly the cone "snaps" back into place, ready to play the next note.

We've designed one driver specifically for the E38 and E39 model vehicles that uses a "softer" spider, as the speakers are mounted in sealed enclosures in both the front and rear applications. The other driver, used in E36 and Z3 applications has a "stiffer" spider, as the kick panel areas and side panels where these speakers are mounted isn't sealed, so therefore more control is needed over the cone's movements. There are so many new developments that I'm working on, but I wanted to start with these midbass drivers as they're now shipping with all related Stage 1 kits and individual speaker pairs.



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